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Ventura County Emergency

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Public Announcement

To reduce risk of COVID-19 virus spread, the UCCE Ventura County Office and Hansen  Agricultural REC will be closed from March 18 through April 20, 2020 in accordance with UC guidelines and the Ventura County Be Well at Home initiative. UC Academics and Staff will continue to work remotely during normal business hours.

All UC-ANR-hosted meetings/events scheduled through May 2020 have been cancelled, postponed or will be conducted via Zoom. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it unfolds and will update the website with any changes. If you have questions or concerns, email us at hansencevc@ucanr.edu.

Thanks for your understanding and stay well!

Annemiek Schilder
Director UCCE Ventura/HAREC

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  • Backyard Vegetable Garden

    Added March 30, 2020
    Backyard Veg Garden

    Having a small garden in our backyard can be fun, rewarding, and healthy. Not only does it help us consume more fruits and vegetables, it gets us more active and involved in the backyard while allowing the backyard to flourish with produce we grew...

  • 4-H Sustainable You! Summer Camp

    Added June 28, 2019
    2019 4-H Sustainable You! Summer Campers

    Day 5-Water Why is water important? Where does water go when you flush it down the toilet? What can you do to conserve water? We end the week with a very important topic-water! How much clean water do we have on earth to share with humans, animals,...

  • 4-H Sustainable You! Summer Camp

    Added June 27, 2019
    Prey and predator gets us started on the topic of the day…food

    Day 4- Food What is local food? Why buy local food? What is a food mile? Today we explore where our food comes from and delve into our complex global and local food system....How far does a pineapple or a cashew travel before it gets to your plate?...

  • 4-H Sustainable You! Summer Camp

    Added June 26, 2019
    Electric train tag gets campers ready for the topic of the day...Energy

    Day 3-Energy What is the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy? Why is energy important? How can we conserve energy? Energy day is always popular and delicious! After contemplating journal questions and...

  • 4-H Sustainable You! Summer Camp

    Added June 25, 2019
    Land day farm nature walk

    Day 2-Land The day begins with journaling and a farm nature walk. Along the way, campers encounter evidence or indicators that animals use and call the farm home. Today is about understanding the importance of open space, natural resources and...

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