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Hansen Agricultural Research and Extension Center

UC Thelma Hansen Fund


To support and maintain University research and extension activities for the sustainability and benefit of agriculture and natural resources in Ventura County.


A Ventura County with an economically healthy and environmentally sustainable agricultural industry that is well understood and actively supported by the local community. Goals:

  1. Ensure economic viability of plant and animal agriculture to sustain agriculture’s contribution to a healthy Ventura County

  2. Protect natural resources by increasing water and nutrient use efficiency, reducing pesticide and fossil fuel inputs and promoting soil, watershed and ecosystem health

  3. Increase public understanding and support of agriculture, including the relationship of agriculture to the economy, healthy families, and the natural resource base

Hansen Advisory Board

Thelma Hansen's bequest called for an Advisory Board with representatives from Ventura County Cooperative Extension, Ventura County Farm Bureau, local commercial farming industry, community, and the University. The Advisory Board provides the University with county-based advice and expertise regarding the needs of Ventura County agriculture and helps carry out the objectives of the endowment. The Advisory Board provides the Hansen Director with consultation and recommendations on the use of annual funds.

Regular members are appointed by the Vice President of ANR for a term of four years and can be reappointed for an additional four-year term. All appointments begin July 1 and end June 30. In the event of a member resignation, a new appointment will be made to complete the term.

Associate Board members will serve a one-year term, with the possibility of reappointment for one additional year.

Thelma Hansen



2019-2020 Advisory Board Members

UC Representatives

Oleg Daugovish

Lorna Krkich

Agricultural Representatives

John Krist

Josh Pinkerton

Community Representatives

Ruben Alarcon

Dorothy Farias


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