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Attention Farmers & Ranchers, Growers, Workers of the land, Shepherds, Cattle people, and Farm Advocates!

There's a new group just for you being formed in Ventura County.

Join us for an evening of farmer focused conversation. Meet your fellow farmers and connect with others who work in agriculture in our region. The goal is to offer space for farmers to convene and converse. While we might occasionally come into contact with each other at field days, events and meetings, it's also nice to have the opportunity to check-in with fellow growers.

The motivations for this occurrence builds upon inspiration from the Lighthouse Farm Network, organized by CAFF starting in the early 1990s, where farmers would meet around meals to share ideas and strategies for sustainable production.This type of farmer-focused organizing is nothing new in the [(tens of) thousands of] years of agriculture. In this country especially, farmers once were deeply involved in government and economy leadership.

*Cue* George Washington's words: 
“Agriculture is the most Healthful, most Useful and most Noble Employment of Man.”

While our biggest obstacles may be seem different from what they have been in the past, today's challenges seem to be moving much faster, are in greater numbers, and are drastically more unforgiving in their devastation. As climates of all types (social, environmental and political) are rapidly shifting, it is important to recognize the varying qualities and values our region has to offer, as well as the obstacles and risks we have to face. As keen observers to the rhythms and patterns of soil, plants, animals, weather, etc, farmers are often the first to notice small differences, and draw from real life experiences working every day in a world that is rapidly changing. In addition to creating connections, these meetings also bring fresh perspective and new confidence for what can happen, creating opportunity for knowledge and experience to be shared.

The kick-off launch party will occur on Friday, June 11, 6pm - 8pm, at McGrath Family Farm in Camarillo. There will be food and beverages, but you're welcome to bring your own! 

Please let us know you are coming and reserve your spot by registering HERE

Posted on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 1:50 PM
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