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HAREC is a 27-acre facility located near Santa Paula, Ventura County, approximately 11 miles east of Ventura and the Pacific Ocean at an elevation of 230 ft. (34.33°N 119.11°W). The Center provides land, labor, equipment, facilities, and technical support to UC academics and personnel from cooperating institutions interested in conducting on-site projects.

The climate is mild with an average annual maximum temperature of 75°F and an average annual low of 48°F. Frost can occur in December and January. Average annual precipitation is 18 inches. CIMIS weather station, #198, is located on-site.

The soil is classified as Salina Clay Loam (deep alluvial clay loam to silty clay loam from marine sediment parent material). The Center in underlain by a perched water table with subsurface drains installed at a depth of 5 feet in the research area.

The irrigation supply is groundwater from a 200 ft. well. Water quality is 1400 ppm Total Dissolved Solids (EC 1740 umhos/cm), SAR 1.9, pH 7.6, dominated by calcium sulfate.

Local Weather

Linked data is from the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) weather stations. Visit CIMIS web site.

Ventura County Stations

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